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Proud to have sold a puppy to, now retired, Professional Hockey player Adam Pineault!! 

Our goal is to produce clear-headed, social dogs that are not only good looking, but healthy from head to Tail!
Our dogs are bred with the personality that will suit most family house
holds. They can go on to be many things within your family or even go on to work or be a breeding dog; search and rescue,
agility, obedience, retrievers, schutzhund, police/ Patrol, tracking, dogs and the best part
is they will be very loyal to you and your family,
snuggle with you, and bark to alert you and your family when things
are not right. If a situation presents itself your Tropisch German Shepherd will do what it takes to keep you and your family
safe. The shear presence of a German Shepherd in a home is a
natural deterrent for most potential criminals.
We strive to work with very beautiful, sound minded & healthy German Shepherds so that you can enjoy great companions as well as amazing working dogs!
I am very proud of all my dogs and my breeding program and of my hard work!! It has paid off and I have been asked to be put on a Veterinarians list of people to contact when they are approached by some one looking for a excellent quality GSD. They were all just so impressed with the health testing I require prior to breeding, how well socialized my puppies are already at 8 weeks and how good they look!! Quality and passion will rise above the rest in the long run 

"Lex is 1 today, he is amazing,smart and has a great temperament. He has begun some IPO training and is doing well. We take him everywhere and everyone gloms on him as he is quite handsome. I just wanted to say thanks he is exactly the dog we wanted!

Thanks mike and kelly"


                          Testimonials From Happy Puppy Parents 
                                                            Shari Bench                                                              
"In our search for a breeder we knew immediately when we met you that our search was over. You are very much appreciated. It's an honor to be added to the Vets list but you also have a long line of happy customers standing behind you as well. Great Job!"
"Dear Rachel,
I just wanted to thank you for Disa. She is the most perfect puppy. She is sweet, loving, intelligent, and I love her.  She went to the vet today and received her first leptospirosis shot and got her heart worm medicine.
She is very happy with her toys and is enjoying her walks. I am researching obedience training for her. Although I must say everything you did with her is amazing.she is totally house broken, she sits before I open the door, she sleeps either on my bed or right next to it. I only use the crate when I go out. You have produced the perfect puppy and I am so lucky to have her.
I will send you pictures every once in awhile so you can see how beautiful she is. I am also going to try an agility class for her in January.
Thank you again,
Pat Morse"
"I have one of Tropisch's pups and he is the greatest. Could not ask for a Better, Smarter, more Beautiful GSD."
      " So glad to hear from you. Bruin is doing great. He is such a great dog. We've all bonded so easily. Our son is having a lot of fun with Bruin. They are always together. And believe it or not they actually do wear each other out. They run and then they run and then they run some more. We've discovered he's a water dog. Loves the water.  
We're trying to work on training. I may have to find a trainer for some help.. Not sure if I know what I'm doing.
It's been so long since we had a dog I had forgotten how much fun it is to have one around. Bruin has definitely added a lot to our family. We really adore and love him. Thanks so much for creating such a great dog.
                                ~Tracy Flesher shared your photo~                          
    "I absolutely adore this breeder! The best EVER! Her dogs speak volumes! My Lukie is twelve years old this year...he has been my son, my best friend and my protector. There will never, ever be a replacement. That's how special my German Shepherd is. I will always be loyal to this breed. As loyal as he has been to me. I will one day call Tropisch German Shepherds. Yesterday was so special ..Fallon and the babies. It truly was awesome. My Luke IS my world. What you do is deliver family members. ...I so respect you so much!"


                                               ~ Shannon~                                                   

"Can't say anything but good things!!!!! Can't wait to get my pup(s) from her!!!!! Wouldn't even consider going elsewhere!!!!!"


"He is awesome, he sleeps with us not a good idea I know. During the day he is in a crate with Wilber and we come home to a dry towel. The boys love him and he already plays fetch with a tennis ball I'm impressed, Jackie Henson

General manager
Hillsborough Community College"

                ~Janelle   posted to  Tropisch German Shepherds~                 

"Thank you for sharing all of these great photos of the whole adorable litter! Made my evening! So happy that Momma & babies are doing so well! You do such a wonderful job with them.... Appreciate you"

"Ginger wanted to wish you & your family a very Merry Christmas! I want to personally say "Thank you!" for all of your hard work & dedication to your puppies. They really rise above the rest....I am just so pleased with her way beyond what words can say!"

" I practiced some of Ginger's puppy imprinting exercises and she did them splendidly! She is such s smart girl--way ahead of where any other puppy I have has been at her age!"



"I tell ya, I've never been one for GSDs but DANG! If ever I were to get one, it'd definitely be yours! Let me know if you start breeding Danes or Dobies lol"



"Stunning dogs!"

                                                                                                                                                                               Kelly                                                       "We could'nt be happier with her. I think she is actually pretty calm although she has her moments. LOL She has done excellent in her crate. Only gets up once at night to go potty. Learned sit and down in 2 days. Walking pretty good on leash. i got really excited tonight when she went to the door to go out to potty!!! She is just super smart. After having her for only a little over a week I can see why people love their German Shepherds. I have to thank you again for your dedication and the hard work you put into raising your dogs and puppies."  



"Just got back from the vet. She said he's in Excellent condition. Heart and breathing sound good. Everything Great all around. She said he's Very Smart.

When I brought Blue to my Vet when I first got him. They said He was In EXCEPTIONAL Health. They started feeling his Fur and I heard them whisper: His Fur is Smooth like a Mink Coat.
And When they clipped his nails they said even his nails were Perfect.
I was Very Proud.

Thanks Rachel. He's a Great Dog Were Extremely Happy!

 ~The German Shepherd Dog~
           "If any breed of dog is most deserving of the title Noble with Natural Beauty then that dog is the German Shepherd.   They are a dog with elegant yet flowing lines, glamorous to behold, with a shining coat, erect ears, and an intelligent expression that will command attention wherever they are seen. Their eyes indicate the love and affection they have for those who care for them and their sweeping tail will show their mood whether it be happy or sad.   By nature a German Shepherd is wary of strangers, though once one is accepted by them they are a friend for life. They are efficient obedience worker, quick to learn and what is learned will never be forgotten. It is an active breed and thrives on work—little is beyond its capabilities. Fleet of foot, powerful yet graceful and nimble, they are the epitome of those qualities considered to be ideal within a dog.   They love human companionship and will respond to his owner’s mood whether this be lying quietly by his side or romping across the fields; indeed, at all times, their one desire is to be with you and to please you. 
         They have a keen sense of humor and enjoys playful games yet, in defense of those he/she loves, can become a frightening adversary that one would be well advised to keep clear of. They can fit into a flat or a mansion as the need may be, for they are happy wherever you are happy.   In bringing a German Shepherd into your home, you are making an addition to your family and they will quickly feel a part of it. Your house, your garden, your possessions and in fact all that you own will from then on be in their special care. They need your love, but he/she needs also correct attention to their grooming, exercise, food, and general welfare. Given these, your German Shepherd will devote their very life to you and you will be the richer for this and for the companionship and love you both will share."

-Unknown Author-

 Before You Buy a GSD

Before you go out and buy a German Shepherd, do your research. Most people buy a Shepherd thinking oh they are so smart and easy to train, piece of cake right? No, owning a dog with a different level of intelligence is very demanding. They need to be not just physically exercised, but also mentally exercised. German Shepherds are very sensitive to your tone of voice.  However if you are prepared and ready to take on a German Shepherd, it can be one of the best decisions you ever make!