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                                 !High Need for Mental Activity!

- Herding dogs may develop undesirable behaviors like barking, tail chasing, animal chasing, child chasing, pacing, fence running, digging or aggression if not given enough acceptable activities such as Fetch, obedience and tricks.     

                                   Overall Exercise Requirement

          The young pup should be exercised with some discretion to avoid long-term damage to still soft and forming joints. As the dog ages, it will require longer walks but must first have the solid bone structure established.

                                          House & Crate Training

           Crate training and house training go hand-in-hand. We believe that crate training is essential to help properly house train your pup. Crate training is also extremely helpful during teething time and when you cannot supervise your pup. The crate keeps them out of trouble during the night and while you are not home.