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                                              Shari Bench                                                              
 "In our search for a breeder we knew immediately when we met you that our search was over. You are very much appreciated. It's an honor to be added to the Vets list but you also have a long line of happy customers standing behind you as well. Great Job!"
"Dear Rachel,
I just wanted to thank you for Disa. She is the most perfect puppy. She is sweet, loving, intelligent, and I love her.  She is very happy with her toys and is enjoying her walks. I am researching obedience training for her. Although I must say everything you did with her is amazing.she is totally house broken, she sits before I open the door, she sleeps either on my bed or right next to it. I only use the crate when I go out. You have produced the perfect puppy and I am so lucky to have her.
I will send you pictures every once in awhile so you can see how beautiful she is. I am also going to try an agility class for her in January.
Thank you again,
Pat Morse"
"I have one of Tropisch's pups and he is the greatest. Could not ask for a Better, Smarter, more Beautiful GSD."
      " So glad to hear from you. Bruin is doing great. He is such a great dog. We've all bonded so easily. Our son is having a lot of fun with Bruin. They are always together. And believe it or not they actually do wear each other out. They run and then they run and then they run some more. We've discovered he's a water dog. Loves the water.  
We're trying to work on training. I may have to find a trainer for some help.. Not sure if I know what I'm doing.
It's been so long since we had a dog I had forgotten how much fun it is to have one around. Bruin has definitely added a lot to our family. We really adore and love him. Thanks so much for creating such a great dog.
                                ~Tracy Flesher shared your photo~                          
    "I absolutely adore this breeder! The best EVER! Her dogs speak volumes! My Lukie is twelve years old this year...he has been my son, my best friend and my protector. There will never, ever be a replacement. That's how special my German Shepherd is. I will always be loyal to this breed. As loyal as he has been to me. I will one day call Tropisch German Shepherds. Yesterday was so special ..Fallon and the babies. It truly was awesome. My Luke IS my world. What you do is deliver family members. ...I so respect you so much!"


                                               ~ Shannon~                                                   

"Can't say anything but good things!!!!! Can't wait to get my pup(s) from her!!!!! Wouldn't even consider going elsewhere!!!!!"


"He is awesome, he sleeps with us not a good idea I know. During the day he is in a crate with Wilber and we come home to a dry towel. The boys love him and he already plays fetch with a tennis ball I'm impressed, Jackie Henson

General manager
Hillsborough Community College"

                ~Janelle   posted to  Tropisch German Shepherds~                

"My vet has asked if they can place your kennel on their list of people to contact when they are approached by some one looking for a excellent quality GSD. They were all just so impressed with the health testing you require prior to breeding, how well socialized Ginger is already and how good she looks. I told them that they certainly could. If not, please let me know by tomorrow afternoon as Bria goes in for her yearly exam in the afternoon.



"I tell ya, I've never been one for GSDs but DANG! If ever I were to get one, it'd definitely be yours! Let me know if you start breeding Danes or Dobies lol"

                                                                                                                                                                               Kelly                                                       "We could'nt be happier with her. I think she is actually pretty calm although she has her moments. LOL She has done excellent in her crate. Only gets up once at night to go potty. Learned sit and down in 2 days. Walking pretty good on leash. i got really excited tonight when she went to the door to go out to potty!!! She is just super smart. After having her for only a little over a week I can see why people love their German Shepherds. I have to thank you again for your dedication and the hard work you put into raising your dogs and puppies."

 Our Puppies & Dogs In Their New Homes!!!
"They are doing great.  They are both adjusting really
 good! Everyday just brings more fun!
They are very smart and you have done a great job with them!" 
 Over  a year ago, my husband and I began researching German Shepherd  breeders.  We know firsthand that Tropisch is a high quality breeder and  offers a very fair price.  Anyone who walks into Rachael’s home would  know that instantly.  Rachael is an educator and continues to offer support 
after her babies have their own homes.We have 2 nine
 month old beautiful healthy puppies. In our search for a breeder we knew  immediately when we met you that our search was over.  You are very much  appreciated.  It's an honor to be added to the Vets list but you also  have a long line of happy customers standing behind you as well.  Great  Job!"
                                           C-Litter Puppy Parents

"Storm" Aka Blue Male 

"He is wide open and feeling good today, eating and drinking well, playing and getting into everything, and loving on his Daddy ! He and Gypsy even chased a Bird earlier today, it was so funny. This lil Man is full of Spunk and sweet as they come.  our Vet and his Techs just feel in love with him at first glance.Thanks for checking in on him, he say's Hello Mama.


              Happy Training Clients!!