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                                TRACKING                                                             PROTECTION



                                      About Schutzhund Training

        Your dog must first receive a BH obedience title before he or she can advance to a SchH1 title.  

        Some people have mixed feelings about schutzhund training. It is NOT police training, though some of the aspects may be similar. Schutzhund is seen as a game to the dogs and I do believe that even police training is also viewed as a game to the dogs.

                                              ~Obedience Portion~


  •  "Focus and attention"- The first step is to teach your dog (or puppy) to focus on you, you want their full attention. Schutzhund takes much skill and your dog must listen to you!
                                             ~Tracking Portion~


                          This section of schutzhund tests the dogs scent tracking skills.

                                           ~Protection Portion~


     This section of Schutzhund tests the dogs protection abilities and how well they work with and listen to their handler while facing an intruder (decoy/ helper).