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                         Hip Guarantee

         All pups hips are warranted to OFA at 2 years of age. This warranty expires when the pup is 28 months old. This means the owner has a 4 month window to have the pup x-rayed and certified by the OFA. If the OFA recommends an additional x-ray in 6 months to issue a certification the owner will re x-ray the dog at 30 months of age. The majority of dogs who are re x-rayed come back with a certification.

       You need to be very careful with your new puppy. NEVER over exercise your puppy. Small short walks are fine, but do not go for jogs or runs while the puppy is still young. It is recommended that you wait until the dog is 1 year old before doing any extensive running. This mean not exercising to the point of exhaustion, or taking the pup for long long walks. A short walk up the street or around the block is fine, but going for a mile or more run is not acceptable!

      All puppies will be registered bearing the name "Tropisch German Shepherds" in their name.


          ALL OF OUR BREEDING DOGS ARE OFA CERTIFIED HIP AND ELBOW TESTED!! We will not breed dogs that do not pass hip testing with a fair or better. We will also not breed with any dogs that do not pass with normal elbows, this is OUR PROMISE!

                  Puppies Health Guarantee

         The puppy will have a thorough examination by our veterinarian before being shipped. It will come with a State of Florida health certificate signed by our vet. Puppy will have been wormed twice at our kennel and also have their first set of shots. When the pup leaves they come with the health certificate and their vaccination/worming records. We also include a sample of the current food the puppy is on along with a collar and a new toy.

         The general health of the puppy is guaranteed up to one week from the date the puppy leaves Tropisch German Shepherds Kennel. Young puppies are extremely susceptible to diseases and sickness prior to completion of all their shots. This is why we strongly recommended avoiding things such as-

*Dog Parks

*Pet Stores

*Public Places

*Contact with other dogs or animals

 -parks and places where other dogs go until your puppy has received it's entire puppy vaccination series (this will be at about 4 months of age). This is an effort to minimize your puppy's exposure to disease. There are no other implied warranties past 1 week other than those mentioned above.

We are here for you for the life of your puppy to help and support you if you need any tips.