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            About Us and Our Breeding Program



          Breeding for the love of the GSD! That's our PROMISE

   * Our dogs are cardiac, eye, hip and elbow, thyroid, DM and patella tested.*

      We are a small family run breeder. Our dogs live in our home just as if they were our children. I grew up hoping to one day breed German Shepherds and now I'm living the dream! I breed German Shepherds because I love the breed, that is how it is supposed to be. I breed German Shepherds because I grew up with the breed and I admire their intelligence, strength, persistence, and most importantly their loyalty! The GSD dog is the one for me, to find out if they are the one for you, you should do your research first, just like any other dog breed.


     We are focusing on staying  small so we have enough time to give ALL of our dogs one on one and so they can continue living with us as family and not be stuck in kennels 24/7. We do not wish to grow big and have so many dogs that we do not know what to do with. We manage everything ourselves, no outside workers. This is how we aim to keep our kennel, we enjoy being a family run kennel and breeding program. I Think all too many breeders are in it for all the wrong reasons these days. Money is not what is important to us, quality is what we aim for and that is why our dogs go through so much testing before becoming part of our small and elect breeding program.

     We DO NOT breed any American lines in our breeding program. We stick with German and Czech lines. We believe that the American breeding has caused some problems in the German Shepherd Dogs. The American bred GSD's are much pointier looking dogs and have a much more serious angle to their hips, we also do not agree with this because we believe it puts even more stress on already sensitive hips. This is just our beliefs and we are trying to preserve the GSD breed and keep their good quality and help them grow as a breed.

     ALL OF OUR BREEDING DOGS ARE Hip tested AND ELBOW TESTED!! We will not breed dogs that do not pass hip or elbows testing, that is our PROMISE.



                                 Our Puppies

     We want what is best for our puppies. We are very particular about the homes we put our puppies into.

    We are here for you for the life of your puppy to help and support you if you need any tips.

Feel free to call us at: 941-276-8535